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Solar and Commercial Lighting for Your Next Project

We have everything you need to transform your space with energy-efficient options, from fixtures designed for commercial applications to solar-powered solutions.

Built to last

Built to Last

Our lighting fixtures are built to last, ensuring durability and performance you can rely on. Backed by industry-leading warranties and dependable customer support.

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Customer Rebate Program

Our industry-first rebate program for lighting fixtures and ceiling fans rewards customer loyalty. Start saving with every purchase.

Customized Solutions

Custom Lighting Solutions

Every project has unique demands, and we understand the importance of custom solutions. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to develop customized products that meet your project's specifications.

Why Wagonway

Assurance and Green Initiatives

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Replacement Parts and Accessories

We offer replacement parts to help reduce maintenance costs and provide a range of accessories to enhance your lighting experience.


Product Warranty

Our hassle-free warranty process provides our customers with additional peace of mind.

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We recognize the benefits of providing energy-efficient fixtures, so we offer a wide selection of them to help lower your energy bills and be better for the environment.

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Custom Project Services

Do you need custom lighting solutions for your next project? Wagonway offers custom project services that empower you to bring your vision to life. Benefit from personalized solutions designed to meet your specific needs and preferences, whether you require fixtures with increased voltage, higher lumens, or other upgrades. With our customizable products, you can choose enhancements that optimize performance and satisfaction.